Outdoor Wedding Infographic

Brides!! Have you ever wondered about all the details you should think about when planning an outdoor wedding? Here’s an awesome infographic to guide you through the process. What do you think? Tweet it at me – Bailey Spicer @BaileyJSpicer

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Smartphone Apps For Event Planners

Check out these awesome smartphone apps for your event planning needs! My friend Jennifer Wykstraw has provided a great overview of whats available. Which one is your favorite?
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Check In Easy

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Is Project Management Software Right for Your Event Planning Company?

The event planning industry is incredibly fast-paced and high energy. It requires professionals to be good at multi-tasking and handling a lot of stress all at once. This awesome article Corporate Venues UK gives some awesome suggestions on using Project Management Software for your next event

Tips For Success


Do you think that using Project Management Software would be good for your next event? Tweet me your thoughts! Bailey Spicer @BaileyJSpicer

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The 10 Commandments Of Event Planning

1. Thou shalt budget
2. Thou shalt get to know the local caterers
3. Thou shalt visit as many local venues as possible
4. Thou shalt give their opinion to clients.
5. Thou shalt communicate effectively
6. Thou shalt visually document everything
7. Thou shalt avoid being ethnocentric
8. Thou shalt keep ties with past clients
9. Thou shalt know all of the trends
10. Thou shalt keep a detailed portfolio

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Hilarious Event Planner Meme

I hope you enjoy this hilarious little meme about event planning from The Webster Group Blog. Tweet at me if you think it’s true!! I certainly do! -Bailey Spicer @BaileyJSpicer

Hilarious Event Planner Meme

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Budget Budget Budget… It’s Important

budgetingIn special event planning for your family, client or organization, the budget component sets the stage for success. Without a budget, you have no way to manage your expenses. You don’t know if there will be sufficient funds to cover event expenses, which can result in owing money after the event. Through budgeting, plan a limit for each major expense.”

Read more: Importance of Budgeting a Special Event | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_7735672_importance-budgeting-special-event.html#ixzz2QH2xOPQP

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The Joys of Being an Event Planner

Considering becoming an event planner? Check out this article on About.com! What do you think? -Bailey Spicer @BaileyJSpicer


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